February Issue 002 "Empowered, Empowering:

Black History Month Poetry & Art Collection"

Our call for writers and artists is to send us poetry and art that fits with our global theme representing black history, the positives, the negatives, the wounds, and the life lessons. It can be either someone in black history that inspired you or your own personal experience. This issue will be talking also about what's wrong with our current events
it will be a mix of everything dedicated to Black History month.

This month instead of having different tiers of submission we will ask one payment from you.

$25 dollars entry fee, which you can have unlimited submissions to our email.  


To send your fee you will need to press the button below which will open the payment form.

We wish you all luck and the due date will be the 26th of February. We encourage you to submit the earliest you can. Also you can submit any type of works, we will only let you know that 
since the aesthetic we want to do is black and white we will convert your artwork in black and white tones.

Thank you! Love you all, every entry will get an feedback whether you were accepted or not!

Best of lucks,

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