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Our first issue: 001 "Starlight's Glow" directed by Maii & Francine.

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This issue's theme "Starlight's Glow" is about the positive effects of our disconnection from life, a pause of life. The dreams, the thoughts and the wonders exhibiting growth and a glow of renewal.

What our issue will include in arts:

This issue will primarily include illustrations and photography.   




Art Director: Maii

Marketing: Blue Insights Team

Social Media: Blue Insights Team

Design / Look: Blue Insights & Maii

Editors: Francine, Maii, Thomas. 

Curator: Blue Insights Team

Our Visitors & Subcribers

Issue 002

coming out Feb 28th,2021

Writers & Artists feel free to check

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" Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity. Be heard! " That is our main value that we cherish the most here at Blue Insights. We all began with a small publication meant to vent our wounds and let people who didn't have a voice to be given a platform to scream to vent and laugh all through words. We never could've imagined that we would grow and grow to a point that something needs to be done! Our fellow readers and writers have sparked an inner hunger in us to grow even bigger, wider and let our words and works as a collective grow and reach many minds, hearts as possible! 

We decided to open a magazine together. A magazine that would feature the best voices that we believe needs to be seen touched and remembered through different volumes and issues of our magazine. We want to not only give writers an opportunity but we want artists to fuel the visual side giving them a platform to share their work and add a flavor to the wonderful unique writings we choose.

As this is our first issue we decided to create a Patreon page to get our fellow members help us grow this into a huge passion project, to help us cover the magazine start-up costs such as advertising, marketing, design and etc. In exchange for your help there will be three levels of gifts to match your generous donations! Cheers!

Love all the editors of Blue Insights and the One who started it all,

Francine F (Owner)
Thomas (Co Owner)
Maii  ( Head of Design & Marketing )

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Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity. Be heard!

Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity. Be heard!



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​We are a new magazine that focuses on giving silent voices a voice. We want to give artists and writers a cohabitation to express themselves through visual and written poetry, connected and coexist together in a platform. Every month we will be releasing a new issue.